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Tag: easy gourmet

BLT Kiss

On a playful mood, here’s a yummy BLT quiche, where the L stands for leek instead of lettuce. Enjoy! Ingredients 1 pie crust, see here…

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Bottarga Dip

Ingredients 4 tbsp / 120gr. mayonnaise 1tbsp bottarga 2-3 chives, cut in small pieces 2tsp lemon juice pepper to taste Directions Mix all the ingredients…

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Quinoa boat

Ingredients 150gr. red quinoa 1 cucumber 1 tomato 1 horn pepper 100gr. ricotta cheese (or anthotyro cheese) 2 shallots  1 pomegranate, seeded a handful of…

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Strawberry smoothie

Ingredients 240ml milk 10 strawberries 1tbsp honey 2 large mint leaves Directions Mix all the ingredients together in a blender and serve.   Strawberry smoothie

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