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Dosirak Restaurant

Dosirak restaurant, Japanese and Korean cuisine in the heart of Athens, Greece.

Dosirak Reastaurant

Last night, my companion and I, headed downtown to an event that, unfortunately, did not turn out to be exactly what we expected – damn you good marketing! So since we found ourselves in the neighbourhood, we chose to have dinner at Dosirak.

Dosirak in Korean, bento in Japanesse, is a single food portion served in a lunch box. It usually contains rice or noodles, meat or fish and veg, a  full meal that is.

Dosirak Restaurant

Dosirak in Athens is one of the best Asian restaurants, situated in the heart of the city,  just bellow the Constitution (Syntagma) Square. Run by a Korean family, Dosirak serves Japanese and Korean dishes.

Traditional decoration, exceptional service, amazing food…what more can you ask for? Well, there’s just one more thing…and it’s upstairs! On the 2nd floor there’s a surprise waiting for you! A private traditional Korean dinning area; no shoes allowed.

Dosirak Restaurant private dining room
The traditional private dining room on the 2nd floor


Dosirak Restaurant
Use the bell to call the waiter from downstairs…it really works!


We had shrimp temaki, beef steam gyoza, california rolls and a nigiri and maki combo platter.

Shrimp Temaki at Dosirak Restaurant
Shrimp temaki


Yohan, the restaurant manager, suggests:

Johan in Korean
Johan in Korean
  • Kimchi – Korean spicy salad
  • Bulggogi – Beef BBQ
  • Bibimbao – Rice with a variety of vegetables

Because there’s more than sushi…

And if the embassy eats there…you should definitely try it!


Reservations: (+30) 210 323 3330

Address: Voulis 33, Syntagma Square, see here

No smoking – Yes, smoking in restaurants is still a thing in Athens…

Dosirak Restaurant
Yes I was extra happy!

Dosirak Restaurant

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